The Community Assistance Network - A healthy way to provide assistance.
Easy to Use

Simply register your name and email address on the registration page. Email alerts will be sent to you daily regarding community needs and you will also be networked with other services and resource providers.

We are secure

Our servers are safe and secure. You can rest assured, everything you share and see is safe. We work with sensitive information and value the protection and privacy of your clients.

Great Pricing

This network is free to all individuals and organizations to start. As organizations utilize the service to full capacity, a reasonable fee will be charged.

The Community Assistance Network is a group of churches and organizations within a geographic area who are connected together. Each of the members have community members requesting assistance from their organizations.

As a requests for assistance are made, the decision makers can view each instance the person requesting assistance has receive help from other organizations. This ensures an accountability that has not been possible until now.

1. A community member contacts the church requesting assistance.
2. They begin the benevolent process set by the church.
3. They complete the appropriate application, including a release of information and verifying their identity by showing their identification.
4. Their first name, last name and birthday is place into the CAN database, located at
    a. If they are in the database
        1. The church is able to view the complete history of the person asking for help including the total amount given to them by the various organizations in the community.
        2. They are able to see each and every church who have provided assistance to this family. When a decision is made to offer assistance, they simply add how they helped and how much they gave.
        3. The assistance doesn’t have to be financial, it can be to simply offer a referral to the person asking for help.
    b. If they are not in the database
        1. The church adds their vital information into the database
        2. They add how they have helped including the amount given.
        3. When a decision is made to offer assistance, they simply add how they helped and how much they gave.
5. Regardless of whether or not the church offers assistance, the church can offer a valuable referral to another organization who may offer the resource they need.
6. The church can view various reports including their annual giving history.
7. The church can follow up easily with those who have they offered assistance.

Any group, organization, or church offering benevolent assistance to the community. Most groups who offer assistance wonder if the help they are offering is given to people who value the help. They question if the person requesting help is authentic. They wonder if they really need the help.

Up until now there has not been a way to track the assistance offered. The Neighbor Linkup tool is a centralized clearninghouse providing an avenue for the Community Assistance Network to work.

For the person requesting assistance: The network creates a platform for accountability, honesty, and truthfulness.

For the organization providing assistance: The network helps the decision makers to understand the family's situation. It helps them to not feel taken advantage of.